Management Review Report#

NOTE #1: This template is supposed to give you an idea of the structure. Don’t use MS word - this is thought as an excel / sheets file.

NOTE #2: Think of the sub-sections below as different tabs in your excel sheet.

Overall Assessment#

Overall QMS Assessment:

NOTE: Assess the general adequacy, suitability and efficacy or QM system to comply with regulatory requirements. Also take into account an assessment of the criticality / impact of single processes for product safety. List a summary of measures derived from the review.

Date of Review

XYZ (…)

(Name, Role)

XYZ (…)


XYZ (…)

Process Assessment#

NOTE: In your excel sheet, you may want to create one tab for every process and include results from previous Management Reviews for comparison.


Key Performance Indicator

Review Input

Management Assessment

Improvement Measures

Evaluation of Previous Measures

Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA)

Quick decision of action plan (goal: max. 1week)

Last year: 3 days on average

Process is followed and complies with requirements



Change Management

Document and Record Control

Software Development

Management Review